Are you leaning the right way?

The “Leaning Tower of Piza” is amazing. It seems to defy gravity…and is magnificent in stature and elegance.

Each of us lean one way or another.  We don’t seem to realize it, but our friends do…just ask them:

  • What do I talk most about?
  • Where do you think I get my energy?
  • Do I focus on what you tell me?
  • What will make me a better person?

These are pretty gutsy questions to ask a friend, but a good friend will answer them for you…and don’t be too astonished with their replies.

We “think” we are making the right moves, being interesting to others, doing a good job.  That is our makeup. We seem to “lean” in a specific direction, sometimes one we are not even aware of.

But this leaning can be straightened out.  You don’t need to be like the Leaning Tower of Piza to be noticed, be magnificent or be elegant.  Here are some simple rules:

  1. Discover WHO you are
  2. Find a way to take who you are and commit yourself to your dream
  3. Take action on your dream
  4. Find a helper to make sure you get the results you seek

Simple enough…Good Luck.  If a helper is all you lack, then a good one is at The Dave Thorpe Experience  …  that would be me, Dave Thorpe, and I would enjoy seeing you develop.

Want to lean correctly?



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