Are you Balanced in your life?

Are you amazed at how much people can do. And for everything we do, nature is far ahead of us.

So how do we better ourselves, how do we “leap tall buildings, make breath-taking speeches, go thru space?  Maybe it is because we apply ourselves to the task at hand.

Can life be so simple that all I must do is just apply myself?  Perhaps that is a good start. Life seems to be about balance.  We see this all throughout nature. High tide in California, low tide in China; a clock is so regular that we expect darkness and light at their certain times but at the other side of Earth it is the opposite, etc.

amazing, exciting,

Are you Balanced in your life?

We are used to routine and most people sleep their 8 hours during darkness.  Nature is balance and our lives yearn for balance.

When we disrupt “balance” our lives are less comfy. We become irritable with not enough sleep, we get angry when irritated and make poor decisions, we take short cuts in life and find they are not a short path to success after all.  Our “being” loves balance.

Balance does not grow, it does not fade, it just happens.  It is nature at its finest…so maybe we should try to better find balance in our life.

Some suggestions for better balance:

  • Cut loose of distractions – focus on important things that bring joy more than satisfaction to your heart.
  • If your “cycle” is work, work, work, find some alternatives
  • If you are criticized, don’t get angry; get calm and learn what you can from the criticism
  • People need variety in life…if you are in a routine find ways to break out of it

Once in the swing of it, you will find many opportunities to develop better balance in your life.

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