Are you Amazing? Do you want to be?

Are you Amazing? Want to be?

How do you get to be Amazing?  I’m reading a book by Terri Sjodin titled “Small Message, Big Impact.” If you want to be amazing, this is a terrific book to fire you up.  It lays down the basics so they are easy to understand and, if you have some drive, you will implement them.

Being amazing is more about ME than the other person.  If I am amazing, won’t everyone else notice?  The sad news is usually not.  In today’s world how we look, act, and talk are impressions that people make in a few short moments.  And until things change those impressions hang around awhile.

But you can do something about yourself.  Terri has a nice way of organizing your messages so that an audience has a good chance of being excited about your intentions.  And that may be quite valuable to you.

This book helps prepare you for a promotion, new employment, new client, hard to talk to people (as in big bosses), and a new business venture.  I find it easy to read, grasp, and exciting to implement.  I hope you will give it a read and let me know what you think.

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