Am I Entitled?

Work is a horrid word.  After all, everyone should be able to have dessert and not have to work for it…right?

As I walk through malls and busy shopping centers, it seems no one works anymore.  Everyone is spending, quickly and freely. That sounds good to me, but somehow it does not seem prudent to spend quickly and freely.

“Give me dessert” before it is earned is what we hear from children; we are not supposed to hear this from adults.  When we work, we earn. When we eat chocolate cake, it seems we have earned the right to eat it…the right to indulge.

So have I really earned the right to do:

  • Not save
  • Not Donate
  • Not visit those less fortunate than me

NO, I have not.  Regardless of my means, I should do all three, regularly and with an open heart.  Why…because it is the right thing to do.


Dessert before Effort…what do you expect….

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