Experience Accountability


It is hard to remember many things that happen. What I do recall is how many wonderful people have helped me. Most of my life I had someone by my side, helping me learn to walk, swim, speak, love, teach me math, how to ride a bike, and help me thru school.

As an early adult it seemed I could do without a lot of help, so I stopped asking people to help me…and they did. I got myself in huge jams and eventually, shoved my pride aside and sought out people that did help me resolve thorny issues.

What I have learned is that people need people to bring about satisfaction in their life. People need people to help them find a way out of their problems, help them get promoted, get thru school, find work, find their passion, etc.

Dave Thorpe wants to remind you that its sole service is to help you do the things that are important to you. He is by your side, helping you develop, plan, and achieve. Click here for some of Dave’s thoughts on the value of accountability, then fill out the questionnaire below to start the journey with Dave…

Experience Accountability

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