About The Experience

The Dave Thorpe Experience is a scientifically proven process that enables you to understand your potential by discovering who you really are and what you really want, and then providing you with a process to develop your desires, strengths and natural attributes into a doable plan.

This process permits you to begin achieving objectives outside of your previous scope, because it embodies positive encouragement and accountability … enabling you to follow a daily checklist, redirecting your life the way you want it to be fulfilled.

  1. We help you find out about yourself without bringing out negatives.  We focus on the good in you and help you understand how much good there is inside of you.
  2. We take the great things inside you and cause you to view them from different viewpoints.  This permits you to develop a keen awareness of who you really are.
  3. You will learn how to validate what is going on inside you.  You will be able to easily prioritize your feelings, your emotions, your desires, your ambitions, your intent and how much you are willing to put forth to obtain a desired objective.
  4. In the leadership side of things you will begin creating your own very important personal goals and objectives that bring forth true excitement and ambition.
  5. After you have identified the obstacles to your plan you will learn how to overcome the obstacles and presto…you will have your Personal Action Plan, which will certainly lead you to your purpose in life.


 I. Discover: We begin with discovery of who you are and where you want to go. Dave will help you launch into a revealing self-examination of what is deep inside you. Explore personal dreams, obstacles, natural skills, desires, fears and more, all in the privacy of your own head. Many surprises await you!
II. Develop: As you uncover hidden obstacles and forgotten goals, you will come to realize that you are not stuck between a “rock and a hard place.” You have choices and Dave will help you redefine your circumstances and create an action plan to transform your life direction and purpose. You can actually assemble your ambitions into a realistic plan that you methodically build with our help and encouragement.
 III. Flourish: With The Dave Thorpe Experience you can achieve genuine personal growth, focus more on what’s important to you, continually elevate your general baseline of success and become more of a leader. Dave has helped many others just like you who may be stuck or not as fulfilled in life as they would like to be.


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