3 Furry Ideas !

3 Furry Ideas is about fun.  How do you have fun in life?

The furry otters in the picture splash and chase each other in the water, and have lotsafun on land. They appear to be carefree and depend each day upon nature’s provisions, as they can’t earn money, save for retirement, or visit a doctor.

Wow, no baggage to haul around, no alarm clocks to awake to, no bills to pay and they seem to be on a permanent vacation.  Don’t we wish our life to be so simple…and fun!

Here is how you can have fun in life:

1. Relax – tension produces dis-function and it radiates around you…meaning you make everyone else miserable (along with yourself).

2. Smile – just the act of re-arranging your face muscles pulls you closer to having fun.  Try it. As you smile, look away from your stacks of issues and find something peaceful around you…back to step one – relax.

3. Engage – not about work, your issues, or problems, but engage with anyone about fun things, like vacation, their children, your stock portfolio (NO, I am just joking…not that), anything that brings you to the state of steps 1 and 2.

Life is simple, if you let it be simple. It is very hard if that is your choice.  You will make the difference in another person’s world…if you follow these three steps…and, who knows, you might even feel as good as the three furry otters splashing around in their water hole. british-otters-james_62973_990x742

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